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Technology Use Agreement

Both parents/guardians and students must sign the agreement and return it to the student`s school as soon as possible. 3. Students are responsible for all assigned work, even if the technology resource they use is repaired. The borough makes available the necessary funds for the transfer. 2. All personal technology resources (which include, as an illustration and not a limitation, mobile phones and computers) will be deactivated, unless their use is authorized by a district staff member. I, 9. Students must not damage the district`s technology and are financially responsible for any repair or replacement determined by the adjudicator entity or its agent. PARENT OR GUARDIAN (If the applicant is under the age of 18, most parents or legal guardians also read and sign this agreement.) SPONSORSHIP TEACHER. I have read the terms and conditions of THSNet and I agree to promote this agreement with the student. Since the student can use the network for individual work or in another class, I cannot be held responsible for the use of the network. As a support teacher, I agree to inform the student of an acceptable use of the network and the correct network label.

c. Personal technology resources may only be available after permission from a district staff member; Unauthorized use may discipline the student, including and until expulsion. Newberg School District educators believe that technology offers students unique opportunities to learn how to innovate, create, communicate, work together and more. With these remarkable benefits of using technology in education, the regular use of technology offers students the opportunity to become responsible digital citizens. We want all of our students to be thoughtful and responsible digital citizens, able to make good choices when using technology and navigating digital environments. 1. The use of technology and the Internet by students on the district site or at a school-sponsored event is a privilege that can be removed at any time. (5) Students use district technology and human resources resources in accordance with Administrative Directive 6163.4 and Administrative Regulation 6163.4. Failure to comply with this policy can lead to discipline, including and up to expulsion.

d. During the event in the district or at a school-sponsored event, students must use their personal technical resources safely, responsibly and appropriately. (4) Students must use district technology and the internet in a safe, responsible and appropriate manner. The attached document provides an overview of the key details, resources and expectations for this responsible management of the Newberg School District`s technology resources. Please read this document with your role in helping to manage technology responsibly in the Newberg School District. In order for your student to use a digital device, please take the time to check this document and discuss it with your students. one. If the personal technology resource authorized for use is a computer, the student must have a sector adapter for the computer and a carrier bag (the backpack is allowed). (6) Students have no expectations of privacy in district resources or personal technology while on the district site or at a school-sponsored event.